Classic Compost uses fresh-cut hay as our nitrogen source. Fields receive no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. We also do not use grass clippings, as this is a major source of pesticides and herbicides. Classic Compost does not use chlorinated water when creating our composts and mulches, as this kills beneficial bacteria.

News from the Underworld

May we suggest a more natural approach to gardening?


We’re alive – there are more of us in a handful of soil than there are people on the planet. What are we? We are the microbes and bacteria and fungi that live in the soils that make all living things grow. And we eat organic matter. That is why we love Classic Compost – it feeds us so we can feed you and all your plants.

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We at Classic Compost would like to encourage gardeners to feed your soils as opposed to fertilizing your plants.

With repeated applications depending on your specific soil condition (spring and fall) you will see an improvement in soil quality – worm activity will increase as a sure sign of healthy soil. Application amounts vary and we would be happy to assess your specific location needs.

See our video “How we make it”